Innovative, versatile, and personalized services for existing and new SAP users

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts is always there to listen and help all types of clients. We have demonstrated successful results in providing value-added services to existing SAP clients as well as clients that we accompany from the very beginning of their SAP journey.

While we have extensive experience within several industries, our unique Retail Acceleration template makes us the trusted SAP advisor for major leading retail organizations across Canada and in the US.

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Leverage your SAP investment with Beyond Technologies

If you are looking for solutions to make better use of your SAP software, we can definitely help you address unmet requirements and improve your business processes.

Here is how you can reap the full benefits of your SAP investments

  • Expand your SAP solution user base
  • Improve your SAP user experience
  • Get all the functionality you need from your ERP system
  • Seamlessly integrate additional SAP components
  • Leverage your data insights to make better decisions
  • Support flexible working practices by leveraging mobile technologies
  • Improve your business processes by implementing best practices across your organization
  • Personalize your SAP solutions to meet your specific business needs

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Sustainable and scalable solutions backed by leading experts in your industry

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A wide array of services to make better use of your SAP solutions

At Beyond Technologies, we offer comprehensive services and tools to make your SAP experience better than ever and capitalize on your existing SAP investment. As trusted advisors, our team will work with you to understand your unique needs, and provide solutions focused on optimization, simplification and cost reduction. Through our nine core services, we can assist you on ad hoc projects or turnkey SAP implementations.

Don’t know where to start? Ask for your free enterprise health check to assess your current state of affairs and see how you compare to organizations within your industry.

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Implement an ERP system with a sustainable competitive advantage

Does your organization have a lot of different software for different processes, working in silos? Do you have a hard time accessing the right information for your work? Do you feel that accounting takes longer and is becoming too complex? Are your sales and customer experiences suffering?

If you recognize yourself in one or many of these scenarios, your enterprise is most likely ready for an ERP system. It can definitely help take your business to a whole new level of productivity and profitability. However, not all ERP solutions are created equal and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

When implemented in a smart, timely and personalized manner, an ERP solution can bring you the flexibility needed to expand operations, bring new locations online, or even change your business model without costly new systems.

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Flexible and scalable solutions backed by leading experts in your industry

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What we do

Comprehensive tools and expertise to deliver tailored solutions for exceptional results

At Beyond Technologies, we work closely with our customers to realize their vision by leveraging technology, people and leading business practices. We have developed a reputation for delivering successful SAP projects, perfectly aligned with our client’s business reality. Our flexibility and proactivity make us the perfect partner on projects of all types, scopes and scales.

At Beyond, we assess and benchmark your current technology and systems. We also make sure to understand your current and future needs and the complexity of your products, services, business processes, markets, stakeholders, etc. Your return on investment and your customer satisfaction are our primary concerns.

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SAP for Retail

Develop better customer retention and stay ahead of the competition

Are you finding your retail business confronted by unpredictable consumer behaviors and increasing competition? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the emerging technologies that could help you improve your customer experience? Are you missing opportunities because of your limited online and geographical market reach? Do you feel that your supply chain is far from being optimized?

If these concerns resonate with you, an SAP Retail ERP System can definitely boost your operational excellence and increase your market differentiation. More specifically, you can access better economies of scale, enhance shop floor operations and integrate back-office functions, to name but a few.

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What we do

Pragmatic approach for accelerated retail implementations

Based on SAP’s Best Practices for Retail, Beyond has developed a proprietary template that perfectly suits the needs of multiple retail segments. This unique solution reflects our cumulated experience of several successful SAP Retail implementations.

The Beyond Retail template delivers preconfigured, retail-specific, end-to-end processes and additional major developments. In addition, it covers the full scope from master data, planning, pricing, procurement, merchandise supply, store operations, finance, analysis and reporting.

Our work has enabled seamless store integration and simplified back-office processes, improved store allocations, store replenishment and shipping processes. All this, with predictable business scope, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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