SAP Marketing Cloud

Implementing the most informative and personalized customer experience

SAP Marketing Cloud treats each customer uniquely with a personalized experience, using immediate
data for each specific case and individual profile. This will result in a more personalized involvement, and
a better understanding of the impact of your campaign to deliver an incomparable customer experience.

Business benefits

  • Effective and simple campaign management based on real-time data
  • Personalized communication with a target audience or customer
  • Real-time data regarding customers to enable quick and effective decision-making
  • 360-degree view of the customer and their purchasing behavior
  • Personalized campaigns that are tailor-made for each specific customer


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SAP Commerce Cloud

Consistent online journey and buying experience across all channels

SAP Commerce Cloud supports B2C and B2B models, which include product content management,
experience management, and order management; altogether enabling the customer buying experience to be as seamless as possible. This benefits businesses to reduce TCO, streamlines the digital transformation, and speeds up time-to-value, no matter the industry.

Business benefits

  • Incentive to return as a visitor of your business
  • Tailored content to considerably increase sales
  • Central e-commerce platform for your overall digital strategy
  • Scalable solution to deal with the potential growth of your business


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SAP Sales Cloud

Empowering salespeople with more visibility into the pipeline

SAP Sales Cloud focuses more on the customer than on administrative tasks, leaving more time for personalized engagement to achieve your sales goals. This CRM platform is powered by artificial intelligence and includes insights into predictions and timelines for sales. With the right data on hand, sales leaders can see which specific leads are likely to close based on their activity, what opportunities salespeople should act on, and which leads need extra attention to close.

Business benefits

  • Less time devoted to routine tasks
  • Quick and precise identification of customer needs
  • Usage of fewer workers resulting in more devoted time
  • Personalized data to achieve sales goals
  • A CRM solution in the cloud


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SAP Service Cloud

Ensuring customer satisfaction with the most efficient multi-channel customer service solution

SAP Service Cloud allows you to seamlessly manage your customer service process, from initial customer contact all the way through billing. From the first step to the very last, your business will be able to notice any issues that arise at any point to solve
them quickly and easily. This will ultimately improve customer service satisfaction and reduce support costs by resolving the issues in a proactive and timely manner.

Business benefits

  • Allows for quick responses to customer and employee inquiries and claims
  • Integration of social media channels in the customer service processes
  • All data stored in the cloud
  • Performance analysis in real time for your customer service
  • A reliable experience across all channels


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SAP Customer Data Cloud

Increase customer confidence with transparency

SAP Customer Data Cloud builds customer relationships based on transparency and control of
information, which enables management of what can and cannot be seen. The information is stored in
the most secure environment and is protected across all devices. Customer profiles are analyzed within
a secure environment, where both customers and enterprises feel at ease during the sales process.

Business benefits

  • Creates trust between brand and customer and develops a mutually beneficial relationship
  • Turns casual visitors into loyal customers
  • Secures customer data management in compliance with the GDPR
  • Adapts to local and regional data transparency laws
  • Puts customers in control of their data through a self-service preference center


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