The citizen-centric enterprise: empowering governments to meet rising demands

Public sector organizations are faced with significant challenges. The rise of connected cities, constrained natural resources, massive urbanization and various hazards are forcing governments to improve outcomes for citizens and make performance more transparent. The key to better public service lies in leading technology innovations that strengthen the connection between government and citizens.

Let Beyond Technologies help you leverage SAP’s public sector software to simplify every aspect of the organization, meet rising demands for better government services, create value using data and turn it into opportunities, empower people, and improve performance and citizens’ lives.

5 ways we help public organizations

  • Simplify government to deliver innovations, accelerate prosperity and safeguard taxpayers’ money
  • Deliver responsive, personalized, self-service capabilities when and where constituents need it
  • Sense, predict and act in real time to protect citizens from security threats, health hazards and natural disasters
  • Deliver tailored, seamless, and context-aware constituent experiences
  • Provide relevant, timely insights to solve issues affecting the quality of life of their citizens


-80% security risk level with a consolidated governance model

-22% audit costs when organizations use automated rather than manual controls

75% less time needed for data gathering with widespread use of business intelligence solutions

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