Beyond Technologies made it to the 2024 List of Best Workplaces™ for Women


We are thrilled to announce that Beyond Technologies has been nominated as one of the Best Workplaces for women in 2024!

This list recognizes organizations that offer an exceptional workplace for women with a holistic approach that addresses cultural, structural, and policy aspects to ensure a fair, inclusive, and supportive environment for women.

Our company received this distinction following an in-depth, independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work®. This nomination is based on direct feedback from employees regarding Beyond’s practices for providing a healthy, psychologically and emotionally beneficial workplace.

I’m proud to be in a workplace dedicated to supporting women’s voices and ensuring our company benefits from their unique talents. This pride extends to the exceptional women around me who actively foster solidarity. Our allies within the team also play a crucial role in creating an inclusive space. This collaborative effort highlights that being a great place for women is a collective achievement and a testament to our strong teamwork.

– Lisa Bolduc, VP Global People Operations & Social Impact

Beyond Technologies is recognized for fostering a dynamic and inclusive tech ecosystem, propelling women’s success. Our mission empowers and attracts women by dismantling barriers, promoting equal opportunities, and providing a platform for skill development, professional excellence, and mentorship support.

Best Workplaces for Women 2024: key aspects that set us apart

Inclusive culture
We actively foster an inclusive and diverse culture within the workplace. Valuing and celebrating diversity create an environment where women feel respected, heard, and included.

Equal opportunities
Our enterprise is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for professional growth and advancement irrespective of gender. Women have equal chances for promotions, leadership roles, and skill development comparable to their male counterparts.

Fair compensation policy
Ensuring women receive fair and equal pay for equivalent work is a fundamental aspect of our workplace.

Supportive leadership team
Our enterprise emphasizes strong and supportive leadership that champions gender equality. Leadership actively promotes diversity and inclusion, setting a positive tone for the entire organization.

Work-life balance support
At Beyond, we encourage a healthy work-life balance, including reasonable working hours, time off, and policies that support employees in managing both professional and personal commitments.

Transparent policy framework
Clear and transparent policies related to diversity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination are integral to our enterprise. Women can feel confident that the organization is committed to addressing any issues and fostering a safe environment.

Women @ Beyond: unveiling inspiring stories

Discover the unique journeys, perspectives, and experiences of incredible women shaping our workplace and making a mark in the IT sector and society. Click the link below to watch the video and be inspired by their stories:

Watch video here

Ongoing initiatives for an inclusive workplace for women; our new Women in Tech Employee Resources Group

As part of the Syntax company, our Women in Tech ERG serves as a community within the organization, bringing together women and their allies with shared interests, experiences, and goals related to their careers in technology. The key objectives of this ERG encompass networking for professional connections, providing opportunities for professional development, advocating for gender equality, fostering community spirit, aiding in career advancement, promoting education and awareness on gender diversity, and collaborating with leadership to implement inclusive policies and practices.

Working at Beyond Technologies is not only rewarding but also inspiring as a woman. The company celebrates the talents and contributions of women in the technology marketplace and creates an environment where our voices are heard, and our ideas are valued. We are witnessing more and more exceptional women being promoted to leadership positions within the company, and it has been truly motivating and a driving force behind my growth in the company.

The inclusive culture, opportunities for career growth, and commitment to work-life balance have truly made it a remarkable workplace to thrive as a woman. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to work every day with incredible women in a company that embraces diversity and encourages women to succeed and excel.

– Maud Kerhoas, Proposal Specialist


Choosing a great place to work is important for women because it directly impacts their career opportunities, well-being, and overall quality of life. Personally, I believe that Beyond Technologies is a great place to work for women. Beyond is an inclusive, supportive, and rewarding workplace where women can thrive professionally and personally, without facing barriers.

Communication with management and among colleagues is open and transparent. All partners work in open-space offices to contribute to this communication, helping employees feel respected, valued, and supported. Beyond supports and encourages everyone to contribute freely with their ideas. For example, Beyond Technologies conducts regular surveys to listen to its employees, and they not only listen but also address concerns promptly.

Beyond is also involved in several causes, including the Charles Bruneau Foundation and Opération Enfant Soleil. This allows women to align their personal values with their professional aspirations.

– Nathalie Cody, Senior Solution Director



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